State of Hawaii Department of Transportation

State of Hawaii Department of Transportation 727 Kakoi Street Honolulu, HI 71,106 sq ft of sealcoating Hot Crackfilling 14-337

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1518 Ipukula Street

1518 Ipukula Street Honolulu, HI 400 sq ft of asphalt repairs 14-344

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Mariners Cove Bay Club Association

Mariners Cove Bay Club Association 800 Lunalilo Home Road Honolulu, HI 19,000 sq ft of sealcoating 600 sq ft of asphalt repairs 14-345

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Grace Fellowship & Children's Center

Grace Fellowship & Children\'s Center 94-1323 Waipio Uka Street Waipahu, Hawaii 27,400 sq ft of sealcoating 14-301

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Waipahu Hongwanji

Waipahu Hongwanji 94-821 Kuhaulua Street Waipahu, Hawaii 24,817 sq ft of sealcoating 2,041 sq ft of asphalt repairs 14-318

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Hale Mohalu

Hale Mohalu 800 Third Street Pearl City, Hawaii 53,000 sq ft of sealcoating 7,000 sq ft of asphalt repairs 14-320

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Welcome to Walker-Moody Asphalt Maintenance

Walker-Moody was originally founded in 1895, and was responsible for building much of Hawaii. Walker-Moody Asphalt Maintenance, general contractor license ABC-31733, has been around since 2003. It continues to be a family-owned business that has extended into the fourth generation. Walker-Moody champions the motto, “Onipa’a” (pulling together).

With the Moody family’s “hands-on management,” and the support and diligence of their employees, Walker-Moody will continue to be successful with no end in sight. Walker-Moody is synonymous with many well-known, iconic structures of Hawaii’s landscape, including Honolulu Hale, The Queen’s Medical Center, The Royal Mausoleum, as well as the Arizona Memorial. With the changing times, contractors must specialize and find their niche. Asphalt maintenance has become a focus for Walker-Moody. The company is a specialist in asphalt maintenance: cleaning, asphalt repair (potholes), crack-fill, and sealcoat. Walker-Moody is the only union company that does pavement maintenance to date.

Walker-Moody Asphalt Maintenance is an authorized installer of SealMaster Hawaii products. For hot crackfilling, it has oil-jacketed kettles that evenly distribute heat and are hydraulically agitated. For sealcoating, it has squeegee and spray application machines. This gives the company the capability of installing MasterSeal pavement sealer or OptiPave Plus (a heavier sealer designed for runway applications). Walker-Moody is also experienced in applying ColorPave to both asphalt and concrete. With these machines and the company’s experience, Walker-Moody can fix houses to shopping centers.

Walker-Moody Asphalt Maintenance has the latest technology and training. Call 839-2781 to talk to one of the trained professionals. They will come out and review your property, measure the asphalt for accuracy, provide recommendations in a formal proposal, and will deliver on-time and on-budget projects. If you are an association or board, they will also talk with directors or attend board meetings to answer questions. Whether you want a quick fix or a long-term solution, give the company a call because they fix it all. Asphalt maintenance work for Walker-Moody is now approaching 10 million square feet.

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